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At 正规买球app排行, equity 和 inclusion are core values that shape our relationships 和 program. We believe that diversity makes the world a better place, that anti-racist 和 anti-bias teaching alongside cultural education can foster 和 shape healthy communities. Through thoughtful educational practices around equity 和 inclusion, 正规买球app排行们可以更好地接受信息, 勇敢的, compassionate people who shape a more equitable 和 sustainable world.

我们所有人, 不论年龄大小, must learn specific competencies in order to fully participate in diverse environments. 作为教职员工, we engage in continuous professional development 和 work with each other every day to challenge assumptions 和 engage in equity work to strengthen our school community. 我们的方法包括以下方面的最佳实践 教学宽容反歧视课程还管辖规模


Students at 正规买球app排行 come from many diverse backgrounds: just over half of our students are students of color 和 include 35% of the student body who identify as multiracial. These are the words students’ families use to describe their racial identities. 

4%的正规买球app排行来自lgbtq家长家庭. 3%的正规买球app排行认为自己是变性人或非二元性别. 


Student 亲和力组 meet regularly in Middle School 和 include a 黑人/非裔美国人群体, an 亚裔美国太平洋岛民群体, a 拉丁语/ a / e / o / x集团, a 多种族集团, a 犹太人集团, 两个白人群体. 正规买球app排行 also supports 关键调查小组 including 酷儿和变性人的历史心理健康、身份与公平.

收听我们的正规买球app排行播客 亲和力组关键调查小组!

Parent affinity 和 alliance groups also come together to celebrate identity, 提供社区学习机会, 分享传统,建立新的纽带.

  • Student 亲和力组 (Middle School students, see above)
  • Student Critical Inquiry Groups (Middle School students, see above)
  • Families with Children of Color Affinity Group (families)
  • LGBTQ+社区亲和组织(家庭 & 员工)
  • 领养家庭(家庭)
  • 性别 & 性联盟(正规买球app排行)
  • 性别正义联盟(家庭)
  • 多样性 & 正义联盟(家长)
  • 学习支援联盟(家长)
  • 有色人种员工(教职员工 & 员工)
  • 白人盟友(教职员工) & 员工)


As a school rooted in equity practices 和 social justice, underst和ing how race affects people on a daily basis, 以及当代社会对种族问题的反应, is as important as underst和ing historical highs 和 lows. We believe all future leaders 和 active citizens need this basic social literacy. 

公园日 we acknowledge that society privileges certain groups in different ways. We believe that if white people can also be aware of these differences more often, we can all take one step closer to being a just society where everyone receives equal treatment. Students are given scaffolding 和 ways to meaningfully engage academically 和 socially with their peers, 老师, 和家庭讨论种族问题, 面对种族歧视, ensuring that friendship 和 trust grows naturally within our community. The home/school partnership is crucial to the success of these efforts. 

正规买球app排行 faculty 和 staff participate in regular diversity training, most recently with 莫丽Crittenden, 国家种子工程, 莉莎Talusan. Every year we send faculty members to the national People of Color In 独立的 Schools (POCIS) conference.


How we underst和 gender in our society is constantly evolving, yet children who express gender outside of binary social norms often have a difficult experience if there is not a community wide effort to educate about the gender spectrum. 正规买球app排行 is a leader in independent schools in its support of gender expansive (transgender 和 gender nonconforming) students, 家属及职员. 

A gender inclusive classroom has benefits for all students. Studies have found that when 老师 refer to 和 segregate students by gender, students are more likely to only make same sex friends, to stick to activities that are typically associated with their gender. Park Day 老师 participate in regular gender identity training with 性别频谱


Diverse family structures are celebrated at 正规买球app排行. Our school has a strong tradition of being openly supportive of families with two dads, 两个妈妈, 多个父家庭, 变性人的父母, 单亲父母, all the other permutations that constitute loving relationships. Our LGBTQ families often take lead organizing Pride events 和 are joined by our enthusiastic wider community in celebrating diverse family structures.

除了庆祝LBGTQ家庭, we also provide a welcoming environment for children who are aligning as LGBTQ in elementary or middle school. 对年轻人来说, underst和ing their sexual orientation is a process that can be confusing 和 sometimes scary. 中学咨询项目, a daily meeting time for 12-13 students 和 one teacher, 帮助建立牢固的师生关系. Advisors are sometimes the first adult a student may go to when seeking support. 中学性别 & 性联盟(GSA)每周午餐时间聚会, is a safe space for students to connect with peers 和 a faculty facilitator.


正规买球app排行 thinks carefully about what accommodations we can successfully extend to support children in the way that helps them learn best within a typical classroom setting. 作为通识教育的环境, the range of learning styles we are able to accommodate is admittedly limited, but we strive to recognize all our students’ unique abilities, 培养他们对学习方式的信心, promote a greater appreciation for neurodiverse learning styles overall. 公园日, 我们知道神经多样性可以丰富社区, 为具有挑战性的问题提供意想不到的解决方案, 并添加独特的视角. 


Furthering values of equity 和 inclusion means not shying away from hard conversations. 如果因身份不同而产生的伤人言论, 外观, background, 或能力, 进入操场或教室, 我们直接解决这个问题. 使用恢复性实践, 我们和正规买球app排行一起工作, 老师, 以及家庭以真实的方式修复伤害. This work takes time 和 doesn’t always resolve quickly, but we are committed to partnering with each other to create a safe space for all students. 

When everyone in our community is able to bring their whole selves to school 和 feels empowered 和 celebrated, 我们都茁壮成长.